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  2012 convention plants     rhododendrons | evergreen azaleas | deciduous azaleas | other | notes || related pages

We have a wide variety of rhododendrons, azaleas and companion plants for you to take home. If you see a "must have" plant in the list below, don't be disappointed—come to the plant sale early, as we have only a few each of some of these plants.

The plants are organized below by type. The plant name is a link if there are images for it. Click the link to see the image in a new window. Close that window to return to this list.

name? type? group? description?
'#100'elep??? DESCRIPTION
'#161'elepJohnsonyellow, ??? DESCRIPTION
'24 Caret'lepHaag(keiskei x Nearing's xanthocodon), yellow, very early, hardy, heat tolerant, superior to keiskei
'Alfred A. Raustein'elepRausteinpale purplish pink, yellow blotch, outside moderate purplish pink, 7 wavy-edged lobes, 3", 16/ball truss, early May, 2'
'Almost' (86-02)elepHaag(fortunei x 'Goldsworth Orange'), #1, purplish pink, almost orange
'Annie Dalton' x 'Mezitt's Yellow'elep??? DESCRIPTION
'Annie Dalton' x fortunei creamelepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Arctic Snow'elepBehring(maximum x brachycarpum), white, yellow dotted blotch, 1.5'', 19/truss, indumentum, 4'
'Aronimink'elepDexterstrong purplish red, two solid deep purplish red flares and browner spots, 4", 20/ball truss, mid-May, 8'
ARS seedex #1163-88 (maximum x yakushimanum)elepJames??? DESCRIPTION
'Atroflo'elepGablefrom Gable, the right one: bright purplish pink, 2", 10-12/lax truss, heavy fawn indumentum, large
'Balta' ('PJM White #1')lepWeston(minus x 'PJM'), white, 1.5", early May, 3'
'Bashful'elepWaterer(yakushimanum x 'Doncaster'), pale pink, large truss
'Beinecke 5820'elepDexter??? DESCRIPTION
'Bellringer' - original correct plantelepConsolinigreenish yellow, reddish brown freckling, 3.25", 17/truss, early midseason, 5'
'Betty's Choice'elepBrack('Voluptuous' x 'Phipps 32'), yellow, burgundy blotch
'Betty Hume'elepDexterfortunei hybrid, pink, wavy-edged lobes, fragrant, 4"
'Bliss'elepHaag('Scintillation' x 'Mary Belle')
'Blue Diamond'lepCrosfieldlight purple, 2'', 5/truss, small shrub
'Blue Peter'elepWatererviolet margins, whitish throat, purple blotch, 3", 15/conical truss, 8'
'Blue Ridge'lepHaagviolet, 1 1/4'', fragrant, 4-5/truss, April, 2' x 2'
'Boulevard'elepDexterpurplish pink, fragrant
'Bountiful' (87-06)elepHaag (Delp?)(fortunei x 'Martha Phipps'), pink, floriferous, good habit
'Brookville' x 'Mary Garrison'elep??? DESCRIPTION
'Butter and Eggs'elepCowlespale orangish yellow, speckled deep pink flares in throat, 6 wavy-edged petals, late May-early June, 5'
'Cadis' x 'Honeydew'elepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Cadis' x 'Wheatley'elep??? DESCRIPTION
'Carolina Moon'elepHaagpale yellowish green, 7 wavy-edged petals, 14 stamens, 4", 10/ball truss, midseason, 3'
'Caroline'elepGabledecorum hybrid?, pale purple, large, long-lasting, fragrant, 7'
'Champagne' x 'Medusa'elepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Chapmanii Wonder'lepWada(chapmanii x dauricum), bright purplish pink, 4'
'Checkmate'elepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Cloud Nine'elepHaag('Catalgla' x (fortunei x 'Madonna')), large wavy white, touch of pink in bud, fragrant, mid-May, -15, dark leaves
'Coxe #5'elep??? DESCRIPTION
'Crete'elepLeach(smirnowii x yakushimanum), white, 3'', 12/truss, indumentum, 5'
'Cynthia'elepNobledeep purplish pink, darker spots, 3+", to 24/conical truss, 7'
degronianum ssp. heptamerum McC1elepspecies??? DESCRIPTION
'Dexter's Giant Red'elepDexterstrong purplish red, dark red blotch in throat merging into spots above, 4", 12-15/conical truss, late May-early June, 12'
'Dexter's Purple'elepDexterlight purple margin shading to lighter center, vivid red blotch with greenish yellow spotting above, outside light purple, 6-7 petals, 3", 16/ball truss, mid-May, 4'
'Doc'elepWaterer(yakushimanum x 'Corona'), pink fading white, 1.5'', 9/truss, 2'
'Don Kellam' ('Kellam's Orange')elepCowlespale yellowish pink margin shading to pale yellow throat, spotted strong red, outside pale orangish yellow with purplish red, purplish pink and red rays and spots, 8 wavy-edged recurved lobes, 3.5", 8-10/ball truss, mid-late May, 10'
'Eastham'elepDexter??? DESCRIPTION
'Epoch' - tetraploid carolinianumlepKehrtreated, white, aging to light blush pink, 3'
'Fabulous'elepHaag(white fortunei x auriculatum), near white, very large, fragrant, late, large vigorous plant
'Flaming Snow'elepDexterlight purplish pink, aging to almost white with pink speckled blotch, 3", 10-12/ball truss, mid-May, 11'
fortunei 'Lu Shan' x yakushimanumelepDietzwhite, pink in bud, to 6'
'Francesca' ('Angelo's Red')elepSavellastrong red, small white blotch with rust red speckles, wavy petals, 3", 17-26/truss, mid-late May, 5'
'Frances Shannon Racoff' ('Winterthur 22', 'Winterthur 62')elepDexterdeep purplish pink, lighter pink throat, green blotch, 3", 16/cone truss, early-mid May, 7'
'Golden Delicious'elepHaagstraw yellow, 7 smooth-edged petals, 12 stamens, 3", 10/ball truss, early, 3'
'Golden Star'elepHardgrovelight greenish yellow, 3", up tp 7/truss, mid-May, 5'
'Grace Seabrook'elepSeabrook('Jean Marie de Montague' x strigillosum)
'Great Smoky'elepHaag(vernicosum x 'Hardy Giant') #3, very pale purple, darker blotch, large truss, May, -15, shiny dark green leaves, vigorous plant
'Greengold'elepHaag('Madonna' x unknown yellow), dependable yellow (their first, 1971), good green leaves
'Greengold' x 'Ted's Yellow'elep??? DESCRIPTION
Haag's White FortuneielepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
Haag 87-10elepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Hallelujah'elepGreerstrong red, 4", 10-13/ball truss, early May, 4'
hyperythrumelepspecieswhite, sometimes purple spotting, 10+/truss
hyperythrum MCC-1elepspecieswhite, sometimes purple spotting, 10+/truss
'Irridescense' (87-37)elepHaag('Gloxineum' x 'Fred Monez #26'), bright fuchsia, good grower
'Jackpot'elepHaagyellow, ??? DESCRIPTION
'Janet Blair' ('John Wister')elepLeachvery pale pinkish purple, yellowish brown rays on upper petal, 3.5", midseason, 6'
'J B Raboul' x yellow fortuneielep??? NAME, DESCRIPTION
'Jim Dandy' (78-06) elepHaag(yellow fortunei x 'Marcat'), light purplish pink, large truss, early May
'Jim Todd'elepToddyakushimanum hybrid
'Jolly Jim'elepCrosswhite, yellow blotch, 2", 16/dome truss, mid-May, 4'
'Kehr's Hardy Loderi'elepKehrwhite, creamy throat, large, very fragrant, loose truss, midseason, vigorous (on Don Hyatt's "must have" list)
'Ken Janeck'elepyakushimanumselection, opens pink to purple, fading to white, tp 2.5", 3'
'Kimberly'elepGreerlight reddish purple, aging to white, funnel-shaped, 3"+, April-May, 5'
'Lanny's Pride'lepstrong pink, darker blotch, large truss, early, 8'x8' in 20 years
'Lemon Tea'lepShapirolight greenish yellow, darker throat, some pink marks, outside darker streaks, 1", 3-6/flat truss, April, 3'
'Mainstay' (86-04)elepHaag('Degrammar' x 'Fred Monez #26')
'Mardi Gras'elepBoveespale purplish pink fading to white, strong purplish pink edge and outside,2.5", 12/ball truss, early-mid May, 3'
'Mary Belle' x 'Moonstone'elepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Mary Fleming'lepNearingpurplish pink flush over yellowish white, yellowish white throat, darker blotch, 1", 3'
maximum roseumelep??? DESCRIPTION
maximum x vernicosumelepunknownpale yellow, ??? DESCRIPTION
metternichiielepspecieslight pink, up tp 15/truss, long slender leaves with cinnamon brown indumentum
'Midsummer' x "Red Max"elepDelp??? DESCRIPTION
'Miss Diane' (100)elepJohnson('Whitney Late Orange' x ('Haag's sutchuenense' x 'Prelude' x 'Ted's Yellow')), pale yellowish green, 7 wavy petals, 3.5", dome truss, early May, 6'
'Miss Rose'elepJohnsonyellow, ??? DESCRIPTION
'Mrs Furnival' x fortuneieleppink, wavy petals, 2.75", 8-10/truss, mid season, 6-7 ft
'Mrs W.R. Coe'elepDexterdeep pink, deep red throat, 4", 6'
mucronulatumleppurplish red
'Nathan Hale'elepDexterstrong purplish red, purplish pink center, deep red blotch, 6-7 wavy-edged petals, 3.5", late May, 4'
'Nip and Tuck'elepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Not-a-Yak'elepJohnsonwhite/blotch, ??? DESCRIPTION
'Old Faithful' (83-19)elepHaag('Frazer #2' x 'Mars'), deep red
'Olga Mezitt'lepMezitt(minus x dauricum), moderate purplish pink, 1.5", mahogany winter leaves, late March, 4'
ovatumelepspecieswhite/light pink/purplish, purple spotting, flat, 1.25"
'Peter Alan'elepGirard(('Blue Peter' x 'Purple Splendour') x 'Blue Perfecta'), light purplish pink, reddish shading, purplish black eye, midseason
'Pink Butterflies'elepBriarwoodlight purple margin shading to yellowish white center, prominent yellow speckled blotch, 2.5", mid-June, 7'
'Pink Elegance'lepKehr(racemosum 'Puyallup' x chapmanii 'Biltmore'), deep pink, outside pale purplish pink, 40-50 1" flowers per truss, late April, 6'
'Pink Sparkler'elepDextershiny pink and white, fragrant, midseason, 4'
'Precious'lepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Purple Splendour'elepWatererpurplish blue, , black markings, to 3", 5'
('Pygmalion' x haematodes) x yakushimanumelepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
RHS seedex #2 yakushimanum seedlingelepJames??? DESCRIPTION
'Royal Purple'elepWhitedeep purple, yellowish blotch, 4'
'Sasha'elepTrautman(yakushimanum x 'Atroflo'), pink, good bloomer, heavy tan indumentum
'Shamrock'lepTicknor(keiskei x hanceanum), yellow green, green throat, slight strong yellow green spotting, 1", mid-March, 1.5'
'Shirley Harry'elep??? NAME, DESCRIPTION
'Silver Skies'elepFujiokapale pink, deep purplish pink edge, 2", 15-16/flat truss, late April, brownish orange indumentum, 3'
smirnowii McC2elepspeciesselection: compact form, purple, frilled, 10-12/loose truss, rolled leaves to 6", thick indumentum
'Soft Satin'elepBrandtyellowish white, midseason, 3'
'Solidarity'elepSchannenstrong purplish red at margins, shading to light purplish pink in throat, aging to pale pink, vivid purplish red blotch, mid-May, light tan indumentum, 6'
'Sphinx'elepLuenenschlossdeep pink, dark red blotch, 4", midseason, 6'
'Sunnyview'elepDelp('Candidissimum' x 'Slippery Rock'), pale purple, edged reddish purple,2.5'', 16/truss, early June, 5'
'TMA' (cowles)elep??? DESCRIPTION
'TMA 1-C BIC' (Cowles)elep??? DESCRIPTION
Todd T-16elepTodd('Tom Everett' x 'Mary Garrison'), yellowish pink, greenish yellow throat, heavy bloomer, fragrant
Todd T-19elepTodd('Lodauric' x 'Cadis'), yellowish pink, large, very late, good grower
Todd T-25elepTodd('Tom Everett' x 'Joe Brooks'), yellowish pink, Best Seedling 1986 Southeastern Show
Todd T-36elepTodd(yakushimanum x 'Idealist'), Blue Ribbon at Southeastern Show
'Token'elepHaag??? DESCRIPTION
'Tom Everett'elepDexterdeep purplish pink, almost white throat, faint greenish yellow blotch, 3.5", mid-May, 6'
'Tripoli' (Ross EEE)elepDexterred, mid-May, compact dense low growiing
'Tuffet'elepHaaglight pink, floriferous, April, dwarf dense plant, dark shiny leaves
vernicosum #2 Rock 18139elepspeciesgrown by Gable: white to pink, to 12/truss
'Virginia Richards'elepWhitney(wardii x 'F.C. Puddle') x 'Mrs Betty Robertson', strong pink, purplish red throat/blotch, 4.5'', 12/truss, 4'
'Vulcan's Shadow' (87-18)elepHaag('Mars' x griersonianum), bright red, same cross as 'Vulcan'
'Vulcan' x fortuneielep??? DESCRIPTION
wardiielepspeciesgrown by Haag, ??? DESCRIPTION
wardii x fortuneielep??? DESCRIPTION
wardii x fortunei x 'Skipper' ??eleplight pink, light brown blotch, wavy petals, 3", 9-12/truss, mid season, dense round habit, 8-10 ft.
'Westbury' ('H. Phipps No. 3')elepDexterstrong purplish pink fading to near white, greenish yellow spotting in throat, 3", 12/truss, 6'
'Whitewater, North Carolina'elepHaag('Catalgla' x (fortunei x 'Madonna')), white, green blotch, wavy petals, 6"x6" truss, mid-May, -20, 6'
'Whitney Late Orange'elepWhitneyorange, late, 4'
'Willard' ('Willard No. 2')elepDexterstrong purplish red, paler throat, faint purplish pink spotted blotch, 3.5", 12/ball truss, mid-May, 6'
'Witchery'elepHennybright red, grayish white tomentum on new leaves, 5'
'Yaku Queen'elepShammarellopale pink aging to white, faint yellow blotch, pink midribs outside, 2.5", to 16/ball truss, mid-May, 1.5'
yakushimanum x 'Purple Splendour'elep??? DESCRIPTION
yakushimanum x makinoielep??? DESCRIPTION
yakushimanum x smirnowii McC1elepMcCarter??? DESCRIPTION
'Yate's Second Best'elepYateswhite, brilliant greenish yellow spotting, 2.25", orangish yellow indumentum, 2'
'Yellow Eyes'lepFitzburghwhite, prominent greenish to vivid yellow blotch, outside very pale pink, 1", 9 per truss, early May, 4'
'Yellow South' (91A)elepJohnson('G.W. Orange Hybrid #49' op x 'Golden Delicious'), light yellow, pale yellow edge, wavy petals, 3.5", 12/dome truss, mid-May, 4'
'Yelton's Hybrid'elepYeltonfortunei hybrid, pale purple, fragrant

 evergreen azaleas
name? type? group? description?
'Acme'evgGlenn Daledeep purplish pink center, shading to darker margins, 2"-3", 7'
'Acrobat'evgGlenn Dalewhite, heavily sanded and few stripes deep purplish pink, midseason, 4'
'Afternoon Delight'evgHolly Springslight pink center, purplish pink border, orange yellow blotch, wavy-edged petals, to 4.5", 2'
'Alight'evgGlenn Dalestrong purplish pink, paler center, white eye, strong purplish red blotch, 2.5", midseason, 4'
'Ambrosia'evgGlenn Daledeep yellowish pink, aging to light orange, 2", early, 8'
'Amoenum Red'evgobtusumselection: purplish red, h/h, 7/8", May, upright spreading to 10'
'Aozora'evgSatsukivery pale pink, dark pink stripes and flecks, some spots, 2", early, low spreading
'Appare'evgSatsukiwhite, red sectors and selfs, some white centers edged red, midseason
'Bayou' ?evgBelgian Glenn Dalewhite, some reddish orange stripes/flakes, 2.5", 5'
'Ben Morrison'evgUSDAdeep yellowish pink, deep red speckled blotch, irregular white margin, t0 3", 10 stamens, mid-May, 3'
'Betty Hemmingway'evgHarriswhite, green throat, double, 4"
'Brocade Pillow'evgHolly Springslight pink center, yellowish red margins and some sectors, pink selfs, double, h/h, 3", late May, 2'
'Can Can'evgGuttormsenpurplish red, very wavy-edged lobes, semi-double to double, to 3", late May, 2'
'Cardinal's Crest'evgHyattred, strap petals
'Carla'evgNC/LA Statereddish orange, double, 3-4'', midseason, dwarf
'Caroline Gable'evgGablepurplish pink, darker blotch, h/h
'Carrara'evgGlenn Dalewhite, yellowish blotch, semi-double, 2,5"-3", midseason, 2'
'Chinzan'evgSatsukipink, darker blotch, rounded petals, to 2", early June, compact dwarf
'Cinderella'evgGlenn Dalewhite, heavily striped red, 2"-2.5", early, 6'
'Coronado Red'evgHarrisred, early-mid April, spreading
'Corsage'evgGablepale purple, 2.5", fragrant
'Cotton Top'evgGuttormsenwhite, some petaloides, 2", 1.5'
Creech #3evgSatsukivia Creech->Upchurch->Stelloh, looks/acts like 'Saotome'
'Cryptopetalum' ('Kin-shibe')evgKaempferiselection, red, threadlike petals, April, 3'
'Dawn Elizabeth'evgHolly Springslight pink, purplish red margin, rounded petals, h/h, 3", early May
'Dorothy Clark'evgHarrislight pink center, light red edge, 4.5", 4'
'Easley Sky Blue'evgBeasleylavender, late April, to 7'
'Ellie Harris'evgHarrislight pink, h/h, 2", 4'
'Faith'evgGlenn Daledeep purplish pink, rounded overlapping petals, 3", early April, 6'
'Fascination' evgHarrispink, red edge, 4.5", 4'
'Firefly' ('Hexe'?)evgForsterpurplish red, hose-in-hose, purplish red, late
'FLT 87-1-5'evgwhite, purple edge, early - from Ed Collins
'Frostburg'evgYateswhite, green blotch, fragrant
'Fugen-no-tsuki'evgkiusianumselection: purplish red, lighter center
'Fujimori'evgSatsukivivid pink, long narrow petals, 2"-2.5", early, low spreading
'Georgia Giant'evgHarriswhite, star-shaped, 5.5", 5'
'Girard's Fuchsia'evgGirarddeep purplish red, strong purplish red spotting, strong reddish purple outside, wavy edge, 2.5"-3", 3'
'Girard's Hotshot'evgGirarddark reddish orange, dark red spotting, 3", mid=May, 3'
'Gloria Still'evgHarriswhite, some variegated pink, 2.75", 2'
'Gumpo Pink' ('Pink Gumpo', 'Yugiri')evgSatsukilight purplish pink, darker flecks, frilly petals, 3", 2'
'Gumpo Pink' x 'Saint James'evg??? DESCRIPTION
'Gunrei'evgSatsukiwhite, flushed pink, some pink stripes, wavy-edged rounded petals, 2", late, low spreading
'Hakurei'evgSatsukiwhite, starry, narrow pointed petals, 2"
'Hallie'evgAromilight pink, semi-double h/h, ruffled petals
'Hana-asobi' ('Sultan', 'Wilson #50')evgKurumedeep purplish pink, 1", white anthers
'Hardy Gardenia'evgLinwood Hardywhite, double, h/h, 3", low spreaing
'Harris #9-0'evgHarris??? DESCRIPTION
'Harris Purple'evgHarrisdark purple, h/h, 3.5", 4'
'Itten #2'evgKurume1970s introduction: 1.25"-1.5", white edged purplish pink, white throat, very short stamens
'Ivan Anderson'evgBack Acreswhite center, purplish pink to purple broad edge, double, 2.75", 3'
'Janet Rhea'evgLinwood Hardypurple, white border, semi-double, h/h, 2.5", mid-late May, 2'
'Joseph Haydn'evgVuyklight purple, brownish blotch, 3"
'Jubilant'evgGlenn Dalevivid purplish red, 2", late April, 6'
'Kanki' witches broomevgSatsukiTWO DESCRIPTIONS _ WAIT UNTIL IT BLOOMS
'Keisetsu'evgSatsukiorange red margin, light pink to white throat, 1.5", early May, yellow-variegated leaves, low spreading
'Kintaiyo'evgKurumewhite margins, deep yellowish pink flush, blotch, h/h, 1.5", 3'
kiusianum albaevgkiusianumselection: white
'Kobold'evgGlenn Dalebrownish red, darker blotch, 2", mid-May, 5'
'Komo-kulshan'evgkiusianumselection: vivid purplish red margins, paler center, 2", low spreading
'Koromo-shikibu'evgmacrosepalumlight purplish pink, darker spots at base, darker tips, 2.5", 1.5" x 0.5" strap petals
'Koromo Shikibu' - white formevgmacrosepalumwhite, 2.5", 1.5" x 0.5" strap petals
'Limerick'evgGlenn Dalewhite, striped purplish red, to 2", mid-April, 6' (from tagged stems)
'Linda Stuart'evgYavorskyyellowish white, deep yellowish pink spotting and margins, h/h, 1"-1.5", mid-May, 3'
linearifolium ('Seigai')evgspeciespurplish red, narrow separated petals, 2", late May, 3' spreading
'Macranthum Dwarf'evgindicumselection: yellowish pink, semi-double, 2", low rounded
'Macranthum Purple'evgindicumselection: soft purple, semi-double, 2", late, 3' spreading
'Mai-ogi'evgkiusianumselection: strong purplish red, 1.5"
'Mansaku'evgSatsukistrong pink, some white and deep pink stripes, wavy edged rounded petals, 3"
'Marian Lee'evgBack Acrespink, white center, edged strong red, to 3", midseason, 5'
'Mary Lou Kehr'evgKehrlight purplish pink, very fragrant, double, 2.5", mid-May, 3'
'Michael Hill'evgNorth Tisburystrong pink, deep purplish red blotch,wavy-edged, 2", late June-early July, very low spreading
'Midnight Flare'evgHarrisvery dark red, wavy petals, 3", red winter leaves
'Miss Susie'evgHarrisstrong red, h/h, 2", 3'
'Mount Adams'evgGuttormsenwhite, double, 2", late May
'Mount Seven Star'evgNorth Tisburyvivid reddish orange, purplish spotted blotch, 2", late June, low spreading
'Mrs Villars'evgRobin Hillwhite, some strong yellowish pink tints/marks/selfs, yellowiish white throat, 2.5"=3", 4'
'Nannie Angell'evgSwitzerwhite, strap petals, 3", 6'
'NC State Rosea'evgCarlapink, double, h/h, 2", mid-May, 3'
'Nocturnal Bliss'evgHolly Springslight purplish pink, white center, some purple stripes, some white selfs, some purple/white bicolors, 2.5", mid-May
oldhamii (ovatosepalum)evgspeciesreddish orange, darker dots, to 2", 10 stamens, upright open to 10'
'Oriflamme'evgGlenn Dalevivid purplish red, darker dotted blotch, irregular white margin, 3", mid-late May, 5'
'Palestrina' ('Wilhelmina Vuyk)evgVuykwhite, green flecked throat, 2"
'Panda'evgCoxwhite, lightly tinged yellowish green throat, 1"=1.25", funnel-shaped, 1.5'
'Parfait'evgHarriswhite, pink margin, red dotted blotch, lightly fragrant, 2", 4'
'Pink Ruffles'evgIndianstrong purplish red, semi-double, h/h, 2"
'Pocono Pink'evgSwellpale purplish pink, white throat, pale yellow blotch, 2", early-May, 5'
'Pop's'evgBowie Millpink to white to bicolor, 2", low growing (named for George Harding)
'Pride of Lawrenceville' ?evgHarrispink, red edge, 2", early May, 4'
'Primitive Beauty'evgDoddwhite, strap petals
'Pure Perfection'evgMcDonaldwhite, very pale green throat, wavy-edged petals, h/h, 2.25", late-May to early-June, 2'
'Rain Fire'evgHarrisblood red, 3", mid-May, 3'
'Red Gem'evgPride??? DESCRIPTION
'Rice Kernel'evgSatsukitiny leaves
'Rivermist'evgHarrismoderate purplish pink, 2", 30/truss, early April, reddish brown winter leaves, 4'
'Saint James' x 'Janet Rhea'evg??? DESCRIPTION
'Sakuragata'evgIndianbluish pink margins, white center
'Saotome'evgSatsukipink, shy bloomer, grown for its fine foliage
serpyllifoliumevgspeciespink, tiny, floriferous, tiny leaves
'Shanghai Suzie'evgHolly Springswhite, red sanding, flecks, sectors, greenish yellow blotch, 4", early June
'Sweetheart Supreme'evgPericatdeep pink, darker blotch, semi-double h/h, wavy-edged petals, to 2", dense spreading
tosaenseevgspeciespale purple, twiggy upright to 6', ??? DESCRIPTION
'Tristan'evgGlenn Dalestrong purplish red, vivid purplish red blotch, to 2.25", mid-April, erect to 7'
tschonoskiievgspecieswhite, to 0.3", leaves to 1", compact upright
'Tsuyo-no-hikari'evgSatsukiwhite to light yellowish pink, deep red speckles, stripes, selfs, spaced pointed petals, 2"
'UTG #1'evgClarkwhite/pink bicolor, ??? DESCRIPTION
'Variegata'evgkiusianumselection, variegated leaves
'Vibrant'evgHarriswhite, pink edge, 4", early May, 4'
'Walter's Pinwheel''evgPrzypek('Koromo Shikibu' x 'Mount Seven Star'), medium bluish pink, 2'' split petal, nid-season, dense 3'x2.5'
'White Lady'evgKaempferiwhite, green blotch, upright, good grower
'White Moon'evgRobin Hillwhite, pale yellowish green spots, some deep yellowish pink sectors, to 4", 1'
'White Nymph'evgBeltsville Dwarfwhite, to 1.5", 1', broader than high
'Winedrop'evgGlenn Dalewhite, sanded and striped strong reddish purple, to 3", mid-late-May, 5'
yedoense var. poukhanenseevgspeciesbluish pink, to 3", broad rounded to 6'
'Yubae'evgspecieskiusianum selection: WHITE, S/B PINK PER IRRC

 deciduous azaleas
name? type? group? description?
'Admiral Semmes'decDodd Confederate Series('Hotspur Yellow' x austrinum), vivid yellow, reddish blotch, reddish tube, early May, 10'
arborescensdecspeciestypically white, red stamens, fragrant
arborescens - Wayah BalddecspeciesWayah Bald, light red
'Aromi Sunny-Side-Up'decAromiyellow, orange-yellow blotch, 1.5", 8-16/truss, mid-April, 6'
'Aromi Sunrise'decAromiyellow orange, darker blotch, 1.75'', 14/truss, mid-late April, 6'
'Aromi Sunstruck'decAromigreenish yellow, deep yellow blotch
austrinum "Yellow Fragrant"decspeciesyellow, very fragrant
austrinum 'ES-04'decSommerville??? DESCRIPTION
austrinum x 'Hotspur Yellow'decBecker??? DESCRIPTION
calendulaceumdecspeciestypically orange to yellow to red, not fragrant, late May-July before or with the leaves
calendulaceum (bicolor)decspeciesWine Springs, bicolor, strong tetraploid appearance
'C D Williams'dec??? DESCRIPTION
'Cherokee'decBeasley??? DESCRIPTION
'Choice Cream'decGallepale yellow, vivid yellow blotch, red outside tube, 1'', early April, 5'
Choptankdec??? DESCRIPTION
'Copper Bald Yellow 99-7-2'decCopper Baldnatural hybrid, yellow
'Cumberland Cheer'decSchild??? DESCRIPTION
cumberlandensedecspeciestypically red, not fragrant, June-July after leaves expand
'Don's Variegated Austrinum'decspeciesselection, orange, white-pale yellow variegated leaves
'Earl's Gold'decSommervilleselection, light yellow flowers, pinkish-red style and filaments, ball truss
eastmaniidecspeciestypically white, may have red stamens, may have yellow blotch, very fragrant, early April
'Fireball'decKnap Hilldeep red, reddish leaves, to 9'
'George Reynolds'decKnap Hilldeep yellow, greenish center, deeper yellow blotch
'Gibraltar'decExburyvivrd orange flushed red-orange, frilled lobes, midseason, to 9'
'Great Balls of Fire'decAromi??? DESCRIPTION
'High Tide'decAromivery pale yellow, gold blotch, pale pink tips
'Hotspur Yellow'decExburyyellow, darker midveins, light orange-pink edges, orange-yellow blotch
'Ilam Peachy Keen'decIlamlight pink, flushed red, dwarf compact plant
'Ilam Primrose'decIlampale yellow, orange spotted blotch
'Jezebel'decspeciesprunifolium selection ??? DESCRIPTION
'Kelsey's Flame'decBeasleycalendulaceium selection, vivid orange and yellow, 18-30/truss, early May, to 10'
'Millie Mac'decMcConnellaustrinum selection, orange-yellow, white border, mid-March, 6'
'Mooshatanio'decWhiddonaustrinum selection, large dark orange/red flower, prominent yellow blotch
'Mount Saint Helens'decGirardyellowish pink, reddish orange blotch, fragrant, late May, 5'
occidentale 'Gold Crest' x canescensdecSchild??? DESCRIPTION
'Parade'decWestoncumberlandense x viscosum, deep pink, 1.5'', fragrant, fragrant
'Paxton Blue'decBeasleynatural periclymenoides hybrid, blue pink
'Pennsylvania'decWestonlight pink, fragrant, late July, coppery fall leaves
periclymenoidesdecspeciestypically deep pink to white, before or as leaves expand in late-April to mid-May, not fragrant
'Pink Carousel'decAromiorange yellow, flushed red, 2'', 14-19/truss, mid-April, 6''
prinophyllumdecspeciestypically deep pink, as leaves expand, upright to 15'
REA speciosumdec??? DESCRIPTION
'Skinner #10'decSkinnernatural hybrid, pink, lighter throat, yellow blotch
'Soquee River' ('Dawn at the River')decBeasleycalendulaceum selection, yellow, orange, red blooms
'Varnadoe's Phlox Pink'decVarnadoecanescens selection, bright pink
vaseyidecspeciestypically pale pink, to deep pink to white, short tube, before leaves expand, upright to 12'
viscosumdecspecieswhite, long sticky glandular tubes, after leaves expand, upright to 12'
'Wallowa Red' ('Red Hot')decSloneckerstrong red, no blotch, 2.5'', 10-12/truss, mid-May, 4'
'Weston's Lemon Drop'decWestonpale yellow, fragrant, early-mid July, 6'

 companion plants
name? type? group? description?
'Carousel' - KalmiashrubJaynesbright purplish cinnamon on inside of flower
Enkianthus campanulatus 'Palibini'shrub1/4'' red bells, good fall color, upright spreading
'Great Stuff'??? DESCRIPTION
jacksonii??? DESCRIPTION
'Pink Globe' - KalmiashrubVerkadetight ball-like truss of rich deep pink flowers; thick, broad dark green leaves; leaf spot resistance; broad, dense habit
'Pristine' - KalmiashrubLawwhite flower
'Quinnipiac' - KalmiashrubJaynesred buds open to soft, light pink; dark green leaves; may develop purple leaf spot
RF treated tetrapoly??? DESCRIPTION
rhodo x yak??? DESCRIPTION
'Shooting Star' - KalmiashrubRogerswhite flower, distinctly lobed
'Vanilla 4'??? DESCRIPTION
'Willowcrest' - KalmiashrubJaynespink flower, narrow leaf form

 name conventions  (what the different formats show you)
- lower case italics : the named plant is a species, e.g., vaseyi; the name shown is shorthand for the correct and complete name, for example: vaseyi is shorthand for Rhododendron vaseyi A. Gray (where A. Gray is the name of the person who named it)

- 'Initial Capitals and Surrounding Quotes' : the named plant is a cultivar, for example: 'Ben Morrison' is shorthand for Rhododendron ‘Ben Morrison’

- plain text without quotes or (name within parentheses): the name is a synonym, a spelling variant, or a breeder number for a named azalea, for example:
    'Corry' (T21-9), 'Wallowa Red' ('Red Hot')

- Japanese names : are hyphenated and capitalized following usage in the International Rhododendron Register and Checklist (IRRC), for example:
    'Beni-kirishima', rather than 'Benikirishima' or 'Beni Kirishima'; all published versions are shown, with the IRRC version treated as the accepted name

- name sort sequence : is as if the names had no spaces or punctuation, to approximate human ordering, for example:   'Buzzard', 'B. Y. M.', 'B. Y. Morrison', 'Byron Mayo'

- pictures : of a plant are available if its name is a link, for example: 'Mount Saint Helens'
Note that picture colors only approximate the actual flower colors due to differences in lighting, and differences in camera and monitor settings. For the best color, adjust your monitor to see a difference between each of these 16 shades of gray:

      01234 56789AB CDEF
        • reduce the brightness to see more differences to the right;
        • increase the brightness to see more differences to the left; or
        • reduce the contrast if you only see differences in the center.

The pictures are on a separate picture website, and they open in a new browser window. While you are there, you can explore its next, previous, or various links to see if there are more pictures of the plant or other plants of interest.

Close the window to return to the plant sale page - either click the window close box/button, type Control+W (Windows) or Apple+W (Macintosh), or choose Close from the File menu, or for a browser with tabs, close the tab.

 type codes  (what kind of plant this is)
- [ev]er[g]reen - an azalea which holds some of its leaves during the winter
- [dec]iduous - an azalea which drops all its leaves during the winter
- [az]aleo[d]endron - a hybrid of an azalea and a rhododendron
- [elep]idote - a non-scaly (big-leaf) rhododendron
- [lep]idote - a scaly (little-leaf) rhododendron
- [shrub] - any other type of shrubby plant
- [     ] - any other type of plant

 hybrid group  (group name, hybridizer name and location)
BeasleyTransplant Nursery, Lavonia GABeckerSeneca SC
BoveesThe Bovees Nursey, Portland OR BrackWerner Brack, St. James NY
Brandt Bowie MillWilliam Clagett, Derwood MD
ClarkMalcolm Clark, Southern Pines NC CoxGlendoick Gardens, Glencarse, Perthshire, Scotland
DelpW.E. Delp, Harrisville PA DexterCharles Owen Dexter, Sandwich MA
DietzAndy Dietz, Rockville MD DoddTom Dodd, Semmes AL
FitzburghAl Fitzburgh, Caldwell NJ ForsterO. Forster, Lehenhof, Austria
FujiokaE. Fujioka, Freeland WA
GirardGirard Nurseries, Geneva OH GuttormsenW.I. Guttormsen, Greenwood Gardens, Canby OR
HaagVelma/Russ Haag, Brevard NC HarrisJames Harris, Lawrenceville GA
HyattDonald Hyatt, McLean VA
JamesPaul James, Boones Mill VA JaynesRichard Jaynes, Broken Arrow Nursery, Hamden CT
JohnsonDon Johnson, Seneca SC
KehrAugust Kehr, Flat Rock NC
LawErnestine Law, Aiken SC LeachDavid Leach, North Madison OH
McCarterJackson/Pamela McCarter, Travelers Rest SC McDonaldSandra/Kenneth McDonald, Hampton VA
MezittWayne Mezitt, Weston Nurseries, Hopkinton MA
PericatA. Pericat, Collingdale PA PlayerLonnie Player, Fayetteville NC
RogersMarjorie/Hollis Rogers, Greensboro NC
SchildJoe Schild, Hickson TN ShammarelloShammarello & Sons, South Euclid OH
ShearouseLeeAnn Shearouse, Loxahatchie FL species
SwellNancy/Leon Swell, Richmond VA SwitzerSue/George Switzer, Scientist Cliffs MD
TicknorR.L. Ticknor, Canby OR ToddJames R. Todd, Lenoir NC
VerkadeGerald Verkade VuykVuyk van Nes, Boskoop, The Netherlands
WadaK. Wada, Hakoneya Nursery, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan WestonWeston Nurseries, Hopkinton MA
WhiddonDon Whiddon, Semmes AL
YavorskyL. Yavorsky, Freehold NJ

 plant descriptions  (the style, elements and sequence of the plant descriptions)
Each plant description mentions these elements in this order, to the extent they are known:
Name: (parents), flower color, color variations, petal shape/size/texture if notable, flower width, flowers per truss, bloom time, leaf shape/size if notable, approximate plant height

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